[…] While the number of homicides this year are on the same pace as last year, the number of people shot and wounded is down by more than a hundred despite a violent weekend that saw 10 people shot at a memorial in the Brighton Park neighborhood Sunday.

As of Monday, at least 1,114 people have been shot in Chicago this year compared with 1,239 this time last year, according to Tribune data.

The Washington Park neighborhood, on the South Side, has logged at least four homicides this year. Last year, there were a total of 12 homicides, according to Tribune data.

At the scene of Monday night’s homicide, a young man screamed when a white work van arrived to pick up the body.

Officers moved their cars, revealing the man’s body on the sidewalk. Two workers placed the body in the van and drove off while officers began taking down red and yellow crime scene tape that zigzagged the crime scene.

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