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May 21, 2010

Chicago mayor Daley showed his contempt for the second amendment Thursday when he offered to stick a gun up a reporter’s “butt” at a news conference.

Daley became irate when Chicago Reader reporter Mick Dumke asked a question on the effectiveness of the city’s handgun ban after recent shootings including the death of an off-duty Chicago police officer. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley offered to give a first-hand lesson by picking up a rifle with a mounted bayonet from a display table and said:

“It’s been very effective, if I put this up your butt, you’ll find out how effective it is. Let me put a round up your, you know.”

When asked about the mayor’s remark, mayoral press secretary Jacquelyn Heard said Daley was somewhat exasperated because the person asking the question was missing the point that unrestricted guns are a devastating issue for Chicago.

It’s interesting that Mayor Daley thinks threatening to stick a firearm up some ones butt is acceptable but exercising a constitutionally recognized right like the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is not.

I wonder what Daley would do if a reporter asked about the racist roots of the gun control agenda, or pointed out the stark comparisons between the Illinois FOID card law and the 1928 German Gun control law so effectively used by the Nazis.

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Gun control advocates in Illinois have been able to pass some gun control measures in the General Assembly so far this year. One such bill HB5832 mandates a 1-3 year prison sentence for anyone caught with a load gun in their possession without a valid FOID card.

The ISRA appears to have been neutral on the bill but it was sponsored in the Illinois Senate by Kirk Dillard , who was endorsed by the ISRA for governor on the republican ticket.

Mayor Daley’s most recent outburst is an effort to demonize gun ownership before the up-coming Supreme Court decision in McDonald v. Chicago; a case that Chicago fears it will lose.

I believe that Daley’s actions at the press conference are those of an irresponsible and irrelevant politician that needs be voted out of office at the earliest opportunity.

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