May 13, 2008

It is a bit strange: China’s totalitarian state has taken notes from the United States and Britian, where the control grid is rather advanced. Alexander Lew reports for Wired:

Imagine the lines that commuters will have to face once Beijing introduces security checkpoints in its subway system starting June. Just like in American airports, there are rules regarding bringing liquids onboard. But instead of the 3-1-1 rule where airport passengers have to pack 3 oz. bottles in a quart size bag, passengers on the subway will be required to drink their bottled liquids to prove that it is not a hazardous material. In addition to x-ray machines, dogs will be stationed at transit stops to sniff out banned liquids.

Bangkok’s MRT subway already has security checkpoints at entrances, where guards manually check every bag that enters the system.

Commuters are expecting long lines (and frustrated passengers), especially at rush hour. The subway carried 4.3 million passengers on April 30, breaking its record for the highest daily traffic.

Sounds like the subway in New York or the Tube in London, doesn’t it?

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