Think twice about reading gun magazines in New York; Big Brother is watching and if you are a veteran, Veterans Affairs doctors are purposely seeking you out to take your guns away, as noted in a recent interview with an unnamed VA psychiatrist in NY.

The unnamed VA psychiatrist described the typical visit which ends in gun confiscation.

They come in for about an hour, he said, and ask questions about family and school history followed by a mental health screening which includes prescribing medications. “If they are stable and everything is fine,” the doctor then says, “I see on this progress report you own firearms,” and the veteran will say, “Yes I do.” Then the doctor says,“I’m going to have to ask you to surrender your firearms.”

If the veteran does not agree to surrendering his firearms, the doctor explains he will be involuntarily detained in a psychiatric hospital and the veteran will not be able to leave, go home or go to work unless he complies.

The psychiatrist can then push a button which notifies the V.A. police and they come and detain the veteran.

The doctors reportedly get a bonus of $3,000 per veteran that gives up their guns voluntarily or involuntarily.

They ask questions like, “Do you feel that the government can watch you?” and “Do you believe that the government wants to take your guns?”

Answering “Yes” puts a veteran into the clinical category of “paranoid,” and if you don’t agree with the Obama administration, or are a “patriot,” have a Gadsden flag or listen to “conspiracy theorists, like Alex Jones,” the physician could categorize you as “hostile.”

If a veteran lives in an “all-white” area, he is automatically considered a “white separatist.”

The VA psychiatrist stated, “If you want your medication, you will not have your gun.”

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