Molly Curnutte talks about her son Cade’s memories of dying in a past life. His comments led her to believe he was killed in 9/11. It started as nightmares—many past-life recalls among children start as nightmares, say reincarnation experts.

“Cade was very good as a baby. He slept a lot, [he was] calm, quiet. Right about the time Cade was 3, he would wake up screaming about falling, and the Statue of Liberty, and about his leg being broken off,” Curnutte said.

“It would start off with things like lightning, two buildings, a man falling off. In my head at the time, I did begin to think he was describing 9/11. As a mother, I was concerned that early on he was so concerned with death [and] dying. But he would always assure me that we don’t die. He would tell me that we don’t die and that he picked me. He would tell me that he chose me. He would tell me that he was older than I was.”

Beth Culpepper’s daughter, Carson, reported memories at a young age of what Culpepper thinks is her daughter’s past-life death in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

“If you die in a violent event, you can come back remembering your past life,” Culpepper said. Her daughter reports a memory of a man who drove his truck into a building, an explosion.

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