China calling for greater efforts towards “peace and stability” in the region, despite aggressive US moves along its perimeter

AFP/Yahoo! News
January 31, 2012

Manila said Friday it planned to hold more joint exercises and to let more US troops rotate through the Southeast Asian country – an offer welcomed by the United States as it seeks to expand its military power in Asia.

“We hope that relevant parties will make more effort towards peace and stability in the region,” China’s foreign ministry said in a brief statement faxed to AFP.

The government’s response was in sharp contrast to a blistering editorial in the Global Times — known for its nationalistic stance — which said Beijing should impose sanctions against the Philippines over the move.

China should use its “leverage to cut economic activities” between the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries and consider “cooling down” business links with its smaller neighbour, according to the editorial published in the Chinese and English versions of the newspaper.

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