The Communist Chinese have released documentation admitting coronavirus was injected into bats and then injected into piglets, and that more piglets were then fed the remains of the infected piglets.

All of this was done within the Wuhan Bioweapon laboratory just 20 miles away from the Chinese wet market the virus is said to have originated from.

Sequencing of the Covid-19 genome has traced it back to the bats used in the Wuhan laboratory.

Furthermore, the contaminated animals may have been freely sold to the neighboring wet market after the research was finished.

Dr. Francis Boyle reveals the current overseer of the Coronavirus hype oversaw the U.S. government-funded research in Wuhan.

China is now threatening to expose the Obama-era program and its current rollout.

Now, the left, who barely have a presidential candidate, are desperate and they may do anything to cover the open treason and national security threat of the Deep State.

President Trump has the swamp in check.

We are just one move away from checkmate.

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