A teacher in China has been ordered to have an abortion or risk losing her job.

Qin Yi, who is five months pregnant, had gained permission to have a child from authorities in her hometown, Huangshan City in Anhui province in the east of China. However, she and her husband, Meng Shaoping, live in Guizhou province, where the rules of the one-child policy are stricter.

Both Qin and Meng each have a daughter with their pervious spouses, and in Guizhou, couples may not have a child if they have more than one between them from a previous marriage. According to AP, the education bureau and health and family planning commission in Guizhou’s Libo county confirmed this in a notice on Monday.

Qin has therefore been told she will be fired from her teaching post if she does not abort her unborn child by the end of May. An officer for the commission told AP that authorities are investigating whether Qin transferred her residency to Huagshan earlier this year purely to get permission to have a baby.

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