Mike Adams
Natural News
November 4, 2012

(NaturalNews) China has promised to phase out its organ harvesting operations and move to a volunteer organ donation system over the next few years, reports the Associated Press. As you read this, keep in mind that if Natural News had published an article just two days ago with the headline, “China harvesting organs from executed prisoners,” we would have been widely branded a bunch of “conspiracy theorists” who were fabricating news.

Most people, you see, are utterly clueless about reality. They have no idea what really goes on in our world: Organ harvesting, the U.N. running child sex smuggling rings, the U.S. banking system laundering drug money for the Mexican cartels, and so on. Heck, if I had told you a year ago that a Penn State football coach named Sandusky was molesting children in the university sports locker room, you wouldn’t have believed that either.

The truth is that people are reluctant to believe things they wish weren’t true. So they live in a state of never-ending DENIAL about the world, refusing to acknowledge the horrors of what really go on day after day.

China, you see, has been harvesting organs from executed prisoners since the dawn of the organ transplant industry, an industry steeped in criminality, even in the USA. It’s quite a lucrative black market, actually. If a wealthy customer needs a new kidney, you just find some guy on the street, frame him for a crime he didn’t commit, then have him executed for his organs. All the bureaucrats involved pocket a few thousand dollars each — and that’s big money in China.

(By the way, you probably didn’t know this, but the organ transplant industry routinely transplants diseased organs into recipient patients.)

In the U.S., people are set up and prosecuted as criminals in order to feed the slave labor private prison system. They don’t harvest your organs, but they do harvest your sweat and labor. U.S. prisoners work for a few cents an hour — even cheaper than Chinese laborers! — making prison labor the new growth industry.

Everywhere around the world, tyrannical, corrupt governments predictably and routinely exploit human beings for their own profit. Whether it’s harvesting organs, expanding the prison system through continued marijuana criminalization, or just using Child Protective Services to kidnap children and sell them off to international sex traders, it’s all accomplished by corrupt, criminal government officials working as a type of mafia.

Government = Mafia

“Mafia” is probably the best descriptive model for government as a whole. The activities of government are routinely not just criminal, but highly unethical and immoral as well.

For example, who funded the inhumane medical experiments on Guatemalan prisoners that we learned about last year? The United States government, of course, through a conspiracy with the NIH.

Who gave vaccine manufacturers blanket immunity against lawsuits, even while knowing their products maim and kill huge numbers of people every year? The government!

Who grants Big Pharma a medical monopoly over the “treatment” of all disease while attempting to crush the natural supplements industry through intimidation and threats? The U.S. government!

Without the U.S. government involved in medicine, prescription drugs would be far less expensive, nutritional supplements would be more widely available, the population would be far healthier, and the pharmaceutical industry would only be about 1/10th its current size.

The ultimate example of Big Government? North Korea

In fact, if you really want to look at the ultimate expression of big government, look no further than North Korea. There, the government must be literally worshipped daily by the impoverished people. The leader of the government, Kim Jong Il’s son, must be worshipped as a god.

Anyone who does not bow down to the government, its soldiers and its police officers is immediately sent to a gulag-style labor camp. A military general who recently offended North Korea’s leader was recently sentenced to death by mortar fire.

That’s exactly where the U.S. government is headed these days, by the way: Cult-like charismatic leaders who are corrupt, criminal operators who have no clue about how to create abundance through freedom. The TSA already operates much like North Korea, engaging in sexual assaults on a daily basis, stealing massive quantities of prescription drugs, electronics, jewelry and cash from travelers, and operating entirely outside the law. (Under U.S. law, all TSA agents should be immediately arrested as sexual predators.)

Government-run vaccination programs are medical assaults on children and adults. The U.S. government’s collusion with the vaccine industry mirrors China’s collusion with the organ harvesting and transplant industry: It’s all about exploiting people for power and profit, regardless of who gets hurt in the process.

Already, there’s talk of mandatory organ donations in the USA, where the government would force people to be organ donors “for the good of society.” It’s actually just a way to enrich the medical system even more, because the only people who profit from organ transplants are the hospitals, surgeons and organ transportation companies.

That’s already on top of the mandatory fluoride poisoning which has been in place across America for decades. No, the fluoride they dump into the water doesn’t make your teeth stronger, folks. They’re feeding you hydrofluosilicic acid — a toxic pesticide chemical — and calling it “fluoride.” The entire thing is a sinister scam.

And then there’s Obamacare, with the government forcing you to financially support a corrupt, criminal pharmaceutical industry that quite literally murders 100,000 Americans each year (and routinely conducts medical experiments on babies). I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to financially support a criminal mafia organization, and that’s exactly what Big Pharma really is: Every major drug company has been prosecuted for fraud, and nearly all the so-called “science” is fabricated, especially in the vaccine industry.

But that doesn’t stop the U.S. government from handing the criminal pharmaceutical industry a monopoly over modern medicine, of course. Because that’s what government does best: Grant monopolies to the worst criminals in society.

Governments crush the human spirit

Remember: Every government is, as its core, anti free market. Every government is in the business of handing out money and protection to its criminal cohorts in the private sector while crushing competition and freedom at the same time.

Right now, the United States government is:

• In bed with Monsanto
• Opposed to GMO labeling
• Protecting the Big Pharma monopoly
• Opposed to holistic medicine
• Opposed to home gardening
• Strongly opposed to the Bill of Rights
• Strongly in favor of globalist banks
• Stealing your money by creating new money
• In favor of medical experiments on children
• In favor of endless environmental destruction
• In favor of the continued criminalization of hemp farming

This is not a fair and just government, as you can tell. It’s a government of corrupt, criminal, evil-minded demons who thirst for power over others, and who relish the idea of wielding their power to crush the lives of innocents.

That’s North Korea, that’s China, that’s the British government and it’s also the United States Government. All governments are the same: They all seek to crush to human spirit, create dependence, and position themselves into positions of power and dominance while the rest of the human race suffers.

If you want to learn more about the dangers of bad government, here are some resources I recommend you read:

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