Cadre promotion linked to enforcing birth control policies and sterilization quotas

Chen Yilian
Epoch Times
December 22, 2010

Song Banghui, his wife, and their two children live in Yudongxiang, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. Song described the repeated forced sterilizations of himself and his wife on a post online and in interviews; he says the incidents have left the two traumatized and physically incapacitated. They say local government official are indifferent to their suffering and are only interested in reaching sterilization quotas set by the state.

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Song told The Epoch Times that in 1999, after their first child was born, he volunteered to be sterilized because his wife was not in good enough health to undergo the operation… In spite of his operation his wife became pregnant again, and gave birth to their second child.

But on July 30, 2004, local authorities forced his wife to also be sterilized. The operation was completed, and five and a half years passed without incident. Then, on Jan. 23 of this year, birth control agents came knocking at the couple’s door again: Mrs. Song was to undergo one more sterilization.

Mrs. Song was forced to undergo a second sterilization. Apparently she was unable to speak to the surgeon before the procedure, because when he cut her abdomen open he was surprised at what he found. “This person has already been successfully sterilized,” he called out loudly, according to the online account.

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Lu, who was standing guard outside the operation room, yelled back: “Whatever! You’ve already opened her abdomen, so it can be counted as one more sterilization I have enforced. Go ahead and close it up!”

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