The Chinese government may encourage even more of its citizens to emigrate illegally to the US in response to the upcoming pressure President Trump is expected to place on the communist nation – and the economic collapse China is facing.

China is currently struggling to keep workers employed in legacy industries such as steel and coal which have grown overbloated as the country artificially “boosted” its GDP over the past several years, leaving analysts to believe China faces a severe economic bubble.

For now, the Chinese government is shifting workers to “new jobs in new sectors,” according to Zero Hedge, but given that a large percentage of unemployed illegals entering the US are already from China, it’s plausible that more are coming – and China may even let it happen to undermine Trump.

“This year we will continue to cut capacity in coal and steel,” said the head of China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Yin Weimin. “We will need to reallocate jobs to 500,000 workers.”

Otherwise mass unemployment will exacerbate China’s downfall, but how can China sustain these mass shifts in labor given its untenable economy, especially with skilled jobs that won’t simply transfer over to another industry?

It seems implausible for iron-clad China to allow its citizens to flee the country, but if dumping its problems – unemployed workers – on the US means China can stave off collapse for a little while longer, well, it wouldn’t be the first time for China to do so.

It’s exactly what Mexico has been doing for the past 20 years after NAFTA led to the mass unemployment of Mexican farmers.

And if China does collapse soon, Chinese illegals may try to flood into the US regardless of what the communist government does.

They’re already paying up to $30,000 to be smuggled into the U.S. through Mexico, according to the Border Patrol.

Trump has promised to revamp the relationship between the US and China, particularly with trade deals, and China will overreact to any change to the status quo that’s keeping it afloat.

“Since his election, China has lobbed threat after threat toward the United States,” reported Fox News. “Beijing claimed it could cut imports of major U.S. goods, including iPhones and Boeing jets, if the Trump White House imposed steeper tariffs.”

Decades before, transnational elites granted the communist country concessions necessary to eclipse the US as the economic superpower, most notably by using American politicians to sabotage US trade power from within.

China’s rise certainly wasn’t caused by the uninhabited “ghost cities” China built which officials believed would lead to a healthy boost of the country’s GDP.

Trump, however, threatens to restore US might unbridled by communism, and so far China has responded by advancing into the South China Sea and by buying up Hollywood studios to spread anti-Trump propaganda in films and other productions.

“China views film as a component of social control,” said the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC), noting that when it comes to Chinese policies for regulating movies, “the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) concerns are positioned above all other interests.”

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