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August 22, 2012

In a disturbing report, China’s national broadcaster CCTV detailed the manufacturing process followed by sixteen different Chinese companies that sell preserved fruit.

The report showed rotten peaches spiked with sodium metabisulfite to make the fruit look fresh, seasoned in bleaching agents and additives harmful to the human liver and kidneys, and pickled in outdoor pools surrounded by garbage. The peaches are then packed in dirty bags which were previously used to hold animal feed, and shipped off to big brand stores.

The potentially toxic fruit is just the latest item on China’s growing list of food products which are seriously dangerous to citizens. Baby formula adulterated with melamine made the headlines, but the New York Times reports that other food stuffs produced by Chinese manufacturers include meat containing banned steroids, rice contaminated with cadmium (a metal), noodles flavored with ink and paraffin, mushrooms treated with fluorescent bleach, and cooking oil recycled from street gutters.

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