The Chinese government has hit out at President Trump’s description of the Coronavirus as “The Chinese virus,” declaring that the US should “learn to take care of its own business.”

Trump made the comment during a press conference yesterday, and in a follow up tweet:

The Chinese foreign ministry did not take kindly to the description, accusing Trump of “insulting China”.

Spokesman Geng Shuang said “Some US politicians have tried to stigmatise China … which China strongly condemns,” adding “We urge the US to stop this despicable practice. We are very angry and strongly oppose it.”

Chinese state media framed the description of the virus as racist:

Despite the reality that the virus originated in China, an undeniable fact, leftists are in lockstep with the Communists, agreeing whole heartedly that Orange man is indeed bad for calling the virus Chinese:

Despite the fact that the Chinese government attempted to hide the outbreak for weeks and lied about the true scale, it has lauded its own response to the outbreak in an editorial Tuesday, and demanded that the rest of the world should follow its own example.

The China Daily (state media) editorial claimed that Singapore, Japan and South Korea all “based their responses on the experience and lessons drawn from China’s successful battle with the virus”.

The Communist regime lectured European countries for not acting quickly enough, noting that “Despite the unmistakable seriousness of the situation, some countries have tried to play down the risks.”

“The measures they have taken are not only insufficient to control the pandemic at home, but also not enough to prevent themselves from being the source of virus transmission to other countries.” it also stated.

Elements within the Chinese government also continue to suggest that the virus did NOT originate in China, and that it was spread by America.

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