The Chinese government is engaged in a systematic cyber-economic campaign across industries in the United States, according to expert testimony before a congressional commission.

Jeffrey Johnson, president and CEO of SquirrelWerkz, a company that analyzes these Chinese-affiliated campaigns, described them as a “holistic” attempt by the Chinese government to infiltrate information technology, finance, media, and the entertainment industry.

“These cyber-economic campaigns are persistent, intense, patiently executed and include the simultaneous execution of such a large and diverse set of legal and illegal methods, individuals and organizations, there’s little chance the targeted U.S. competitors can effectively defend or compete in the future without significant support of the U.S. government,” Johnson said in prepared testimony before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on Thursday.

“If we begin with a mutual appreciation of this basic premise, we will be able to better understand how China’s so-called private investment strategy, and related [cyber-economic] activities, fit within the broader context of China’s strategic economic and military plans and activities while also addressing the one-sided, ‘in-the-trenches,’ battles being fought every day and how to begin turning back the tide.”

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