August 29, 2008

Chris Matthews, former Eugene McCarthy Democrat and Obama fawner, is seriously frustrated by the messiness of democracy — as Donald Rumsfeld would have it — and lashes out the 9/11 truth movement and Alex Jones in this clip. For Chris, it is fine and dandy if the public screams for the candidates selected by the CFR and the bankers, but when it is 9/11 truth, well that’s something else entirely.

Demonstrating he is completely clueless, Matthews, in a futile attempt to discredit 9/11 truth because it dares interrupt his show, says the truth movement believes George Bush sat in the White House with a plunger on September 11 and blew up the WTC, thus revealing he knows absolutely nothing about the issue.

Of course, if he did and was fair, he wouldn’t be on MSNBC and would still be a Capitol Hill cop on the beat or more likely anchored to a desk, the first patronage job he held, that is before he threw off any funny ideas about being a Goldwater Republican and started calling himself a McCarthy Democrat now all spazzy over the banker’s choice, Barack Obama.

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