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Planet Infowars
December 9, 2013

Although most are simply dismissed as racists or conspiracy theorists for even conjuring up the thought, a real fear is sweeping online and local Christian communities around the globe, a fear that a new holocaust is coming soon to American shores in a city near you.

As President Barack Hussein Obama’s approval rating plunges into a seemingly fatal death spiral with every passing day, and the House of Representative’s Judiciary Committee contemplates impeachment proceedings for the first time, those that routinely monitor world events are becoming increasingly concerned by the sheer magnitude of events that would need to be contrived to save the president’s political career from total evisceration. On the Alex Jones Radio Show, radio show host Alex Jones briefly dove into this topic and presented the only false flag he could think of at the time: a failed assassination attempt on President Obama. The author concurs with Alex Jones’ analysis that a failed assassination attempt on President Obama would likely be the only way to successfully recover Barack Obama’s political career. In the author’s opinion, by invoking a false sense of unity and patriotism after such a traumatic event, and by using the trauma itself to distract and permanently put aside all prior actions of the president combined with a miraculous escape from death, President Obama would be considered an American hero and perhaps even a semi-Christ by the majority just as he was when first elected in 2008. The danger of such a contrived event occurring is readily apparent, however, as some individual or group must be blamed for the fictitious crime and brought to justice by any means possible since such a matter would be of “national security.”

Now that the basic premise of this potential false flag has now been explained, we can dive into the details and understand just why Christians are so concerned. The rumor that has been sweeping around can be paraphrased as follows:

During the Spring of 2015, President Obama would be giving a widely-viewed speech that all the world would be watching. During the middle of that speech he would suffer a gunshot wound to the head causing immediate chaos within the United States Government and filling the airwaves with days of fear-mongering and speculation as to who or what were responsible for the fake event and if the President had survived. Cellular service across vast regions of the nation would be down, flooded by the calls of people fearing the worst. Racial violence would envelop the streets, stores would be looted, and Martial Law would temporarily be called in to reign in looting and civil unrest. The big cities would be most devastated by the violence. On around the 2nd day from the incident, mainstream media would announce Barack Obama has survived and is in stable condition, but has lost one eye. Shortly thereafter it would be announced Barack Obama will give a speech the next day at around noon time. At around noon on the next day Barack Obama would announce that he is “stronger than ever” having now faced a near-death experience and that his National Security team knows who is responsible for the attempt on his life: white Christian extremists. People would now see Barack Obama at the very least as an American hero and possibly even as the messiah, the return of Jesus Christ. The mainstream media would make sure to push plenty of talking points to sell President Obama’s glory to the ignorant masses. Obama would now have received a DE FACTO full pardon for anything he had done and it would now be political suicide to negatively talk about the president after such a “miraculous recovery” and “rise to glory” in the eyes of the American people.

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