The Early Nazi Movement and the Recent Attack on Christianity Share too Much in Common to Ignore

Pete Winchert
Planet Infowars
December 23, 2013

Christians in America Study History and Fight Back against the Censorship Now While We Still Can: The Early Nazi Movement and the Recent Attack on Christianity Share too Much in Common to Ignore

Christians in America Must Learn from History such as What the Last Facist Government that Discriminated against Religion the Nazi Party did…

The American people must not disregard the lessons learned in history and understand that it is vital to understand history so you are not destined to repeat the mistakes of the past once again.

During the 1930′s and before the official state was unified my entire family lived in Germany and several members served in both World War One and the Second World War. There are two juristically different accounts of the Nazi Party from both sides of my family but one fact was unamuously agreed upon from all accounts of the years leading up to the rise of the Nazi party was one single fact which cannot be denied the Treaty of Versailles was designed to fail and it triggered the need for a scapegoat for the War without a military clear cut defeat and it set up the feeling of hopelessness and the need for someone to save the people from economic hardships imposed on Germany.

The idea of being stabbed in the back and the belief that Germany was being economically attacked spread after the conclusion of the First World War and the consequences of the treaty of signed in France after the defeat of Germany demanding the nation to pay for the entire World War seems unreasonable and unachievable many feel it was designed to fail and the people looked for the source behind such harsh stipulations and the Jewish German citizens became the reason. The terms of surrender directly caused inflation but it also gave rise to anti-Semitism which spread to the people across Germany first in newspapers and local communication. The future leader of the Nazi party Adolf Hitler and his party did not hide the fact that if they would obtain power of the German Government they had a clear agenda to end the “Jewish Problem” written in 1927 and read by Millions before and during the reign of the Third Reich neither Hitler nor other prominent members concealed their ideological beliefs regarding the Jewish Germans and Hitler repeated this on nearly every page therefore people could not simply say they had not been aware.

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