Elderly Christians were not allowed in their own church because their weekly gathering coincided with a Muslim woman event who wanted the building to be “free of men.”

Muslim women attending the event wanted an environment where they could take off their headscarves, which meant the senior card players who’ve met in the German church’s basement for years were not allowed.

“We Christians are banned from our Christian community because it is a Muslim event,” said one of the seniors.

Another added that their “expulsion has nothing to do with tolerance. We have to stick to Muslim rules in a church institution. That scares me.”

The church’s pastor said the entire incident was based on a misunderstanding and that space for the Christian group could have been made alongside the Muslim venue, but one of the senior Christians disagreed.

“The house had to be man-free because the Muslim women [wanted to be] undisturbed to take off their headscarves,” said the senior.

Europeans increasingly believe that migrant integration has failed as more and more instances of incompatible culture clashes are revealed.

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