Toward the end of this evening’s unending directed-by-Peter-Jackson length GOP primary debate, CNN host Jake Tapper brought up a question from “social media” sources seemingly designed to give Sen. Rand Paul a moment to shine (and argue with N.J. Gov. Chris Christie). Paul was asked what he thought of Christie saying that he, as president, would enforce the federal ban on marijuana use in states that have legalized it like Colorado.

Paul responded that the drug war has been remarkably unfair, pointing out that there were people on stage who had admitted to smoking marijuana. He said politicans were all coming from places of privilege talking about the drug war and that it’s poor kids who go to jail for using drugs, not rich kids.

The person he was talking about was Jeb Bush, who admitted that he had indeed smoked marijuana when he was younger. They had a go-around about whether Bush would put families in jail for trying to get cannabis oil for a small child suffering from seizures. Paul was referring to a failed effort in Florida from 2014 to legalize medical marijuana. Bush defended his opposition to the initiative, which he saw as a path to full legalization like in Colorado, and he opposed that move. But he pointed out that Florida had passed legislation to allow for the specialized marijuana oil use to treat children with certain conditions. Bush also supported allowing states to make their own choices on legalization.

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