New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R.) ripped Hillary Clinton on Sunday for injecting charges of racism into the 2016 presidential campaign, saying she “should be ashamed of herself.”

Clinton gave a speech about the “alt-right” this week in an effort to tie the fringe online movement to Trump’s campaign, charging that the Republican nominee has helped normalize racist and white nationalist attitudes. Trump fired back that Clinton is a “bigot” who uses African Americans and other minorities for their votes.

ABC This Week host Martha Raddatz asked Christie if he agreed that Clinton was a bigot, and Christie retorted that Clinton brought the mud-slinging upon herself.

“I’ll tell you this. This type of discourse in the campaign is just unwarranted, but it was started by Mrs. Clinton,” Christie said. “Mrs. Clinton has started the idea of calling Donald Trump those type of names, and the fact is that once you are the person, and Mrs. Clinton is the person, who injected this type of commentary into this race … you can’t then sit back and start complaining about it or have some of your handmaidens in the media complain about it. The fact is that she’s been the person who started this type of conversation in the campaign. She should be ashamed of herself.”

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