Swimsuit model Christine Teigen had a Twitter meltdown over a ‘Disney Princess’ wearing a red MAGA hat, not realizing that the post was based on a meme.

“We need a Disney princess who is pro #2A. We need a Disney princess who is #ChooseLife. We need a Disney princess who believes in #freespeech. We need a Disney princess who fights for her country,” tweeted Ashton Whitty alongside an image of her at Disneyland wearing a distinctive red MAGA hat.

“I’ve seen like…all the Disney movies and none of the princesses have ever been like “I HATE GUNS AND LOVE ABORTION AND BEING SUPRESSED AND HATE MY COUNTRY” usually it’s just pretty mellow, singing and animals and stuff,” Teigen tweeted in response to the picture.

She was apparently too stupid to realize that the ‘Disney Princess’ line is a meme and that the original caption is a play on leftists continuously insisting that the next Disney princess be black/gay/trans/Muslim/insert identity politics label here.

“I find it hilarious no one angered by the picture caught on to the fact it was clearly a meme,” Whitty told Infowars.

“I don’t actually want a Disney princess carrying an AR-15 and wearing a MAGA hat. Those things have no business being in children’s movies,” she added.

“My tweet was directed towards the deleted Planned Parenthood tweet about Disney Princesses getting abortions. It’s just interesting to me how the left can write articles on liberal ideas connected to Disney but the moment someone on the right does it as a joke, there’s an uproar.”

Whitty is referring to a subsequently deleted tweet by Planned Parenthood from March which stated, “We need a disney princess who’s had an abortion.”


Despite completely misunderstanding the joke, Teigen couldn’t help herself and went back in for another bite, tweeting, “Settle down, ashley bogey. I’ll forget by tomorrow,” in response to Whitty calling her, “Hollywood’s favorite virtue signalling puppet.”

“You know you’ve won at life when a swimsuit model takes the time out of her busy schedule to tweet about you over a meme,” responded Whitty.

Teigen should probably stick to prancing around in her underwear, because satire and irony doesn’t seem to be her strong point.

Teigen was not the only leftist to take the bait. Hundreds of other blue check marks angrily raged over the image, as well as one woman with an LGTB rainbow in her profile who commented, “I low key wanna curb stomp that girl at Disneyland in the MAGA hat. Disney is a special thing for me don’t you dare bring politics to it.”


We haven’t seen this volume of salty liberal tears since the night Hillary lost the election.


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