Question: When is a Christmas tree not a Christmas tree?

Answer: When bureaucratic school officials deem the word “Christmas” offensive, and order it scrubbed from publication.

That’s what happened to John Fletcher, the commander of the American Legion in Marlborough, New Hampshire, when he tried to distribute a flyer to students advertising the “Annual Christmas Tree Lighting” event his organization sponsors.

He said he was told by local school Superintendent Robert Malay to “revise” the flyer and take out the word “Christmas,” My Fox Boston reported.

“I was very upset, I really was,” Fletcher said. “If it’s not a school sponsored activity, I don’t understand why Christmas had to come out of ‘Christmas Tree.’ … He wanted me to change it to say ‘holiday tree lighting’ instead.’ It’s not a holiday tree, it’s a Christmas tree. If you want a holiday tree, then do it for Valentine’s Day, or Columbus Day, or whatever you want.”

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