Wilson Blair
February 13th 2013

There must be something deeply wrong with me psychologically, for I cannot help feeling a sense of solidarity with raging madman of the week Christopher Dorner. And what’s not to love. He shot to death an innocent 28 year old woman for no crime other than being born to a retired LAPD captain who apparently wronged Dorner. Talk about cold blooded vengeance rarely seen outside the screenplays of Quinten Tarantino. Surly this sort of carnage must be justified.

His lengthy manifesto lists 40 names on a hit list and states that this woman along with the others deserve to die because of…racial discrimination and police brutality experienced 4 years ago? Wait a minute… If I’m going go to go on a murderous rampage, I need something more to go on than a bad day in court. I’m in no way condoning police brutality and racism, but last time I checked these were not capital crimes. And even if they were, we didn’t put to death Ted Bundy’s children. The taking of this woman’s life is completely unjustifiable. Dorner’s sense of justice is deeply disturbed, sadistic, and shows clear signs of a psychopathy. Like I said, what’s not to love? Let me give it a shot.

Here is a guy with a plan, with real skills, and an intelligent message. Dorner is actually out there taking action, trying to make a real difference, however warped and illogical his message might be. It’s more than most of us can say for ourselves when it comes acting on causes we feel passionate about. How many people have “Liked” a Facebook page calling to “end world hunger” or “bring home the troops” or “end the Fed.” I hope you all realize this accomplishes absolutely nothing! In fact, it is actually entirely counter-productive because it gives people this false sense of satisfaction that they are helping a cause when really they haven’t even left their parents’ basement. If you want to change something about this world for the better, log out of your Facebook, stop tweeting about your cat, get out of the house and do something proactive!

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