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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chuck Norris: Obama Should Be Impeached If He Tries To Enforce Copenhagen Agreement  151209top

Actor and political activist Chuck Norris told the Alex Jones Show yesterday that President Obama should be impeached if he attempts to implement the Copenhagen agreement without Congressional approval.

The martial artist also warned that Obama may attempt to cancel the 2012 election and stay in power as a result of an engineered crisis.

“I think Congress should impeach Obama, they have the right to,” said Norris, adding that Obama was seeking a dictatorship and an annulment of the next election so that he could stay in power.

“He’s not concerned about 2012 – by 2012 he wants to be a lifetime member of the presidency,” said Norris.

“They’re just trying to make our country so dependent on government that he can do whatever he wants to do to our country,” added the martial artist, adding that people needed to stand up and say enough is enough.

“Obama, his czars, Rahm Emanuel, and George Soros – they’re the ones running our country and it’s a sad situation right now,” added Norris, noting that the agenda behind Copenhagen was for a global government and a one world bank run by globalists like Soros.

[efoods]Norris said that Al Gore had become a potential billionaire as a result of the global warming “con game” and that he, along with Soros and Obama want, “Total control over the world and especially of the United States of America and it’s heading in that direction.”

Norris said that before transferring wealth to poor countries abroad under any international treaty, Obama should be concerned about poor people in America who are living in tent cities and won’t have a Christmas this year.

“They want to bankrupt our economy here in the United States and then come in with international money and take away the dollar,” warned Norris.

“If the people don’t rise up, we’re going to have a revolution in our country,” he added.

Saying that everyone who put their name to the Obamacare bill should be voted out of office, Norris explained that rather than tearing down the entire health care infrastructure, lawmakers should focus on the 20 per cent that needs fixing, and leave the other 80 per cent of people who are happy with their health care alone.

“It’s going to be a very trying three more years with the Obama administration, this is just the tip of the iceberg with health care,” said Norris, adding that big government proponents would be emboldened by its passage and would then pursue other “devastating” legislation such as cap and trade.

Watch a video of the interview below.

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