Brett LoGiurato
February 10, 2014

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), one of the Senate “gang of eight” that helped broker the passage of an immigration bill in the chamber last summer, floated an unusual compromise solution on Sunday in an attempt to break an impasse between Republicans and Democrats on the issue.

On “Meet the Press,” Schumer tried to call Republicans’ bluff on the issue. His suggestion: Pass a bill now, but don’t implement it until 2017. This came in response to House Speaker John Boehner and other Republicans, who said last week that they cannot entrust President Barack Obama with enforcing the law.

“Let’s enact the law this year, but simply not let it actually start until 2017, after President Obama’s term is over,” Schumer said. “I think the rap against him that he actually won’t enforce the law is false. He’s deported more people than any other president. But you could actually have the law start in 2017 without doing much violence to it.”

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