NBC’s self-proclaimed political referee and moderator of Meet the Press, Chuck Todd, called a foul on President Trump during Sunday Today claiming this week’s upcoming summit with North Korea was nothing more than a “photo-op”. He also suggested Trump’s goal was just to get “good press” like the last time.

After host Willie Geist gawked at how the summit would be going on at the same time as a House hearing with the President’s former personal lawyer, Todd suggested (without explanation) that Trump was downplaying expectations and just looking to boost himself.

“Well, look he has shifted the goalpost of trying to play down what’s going to come out of it. I think the President is just looking for good press.”

“I mean, let’s just be frank. He felt like he got a good press after the last one and he figures another photo-op might do that, but it does look like there really is not a lot,” Todd opined. “I mean, I think he wants to be able to say something: ‘I ended the Korean war.’ Right? That’s technically not happened. Maybe he walks away from that.”

Todd’s suggestion that the liberal media gave the President “good press” for the last summit was totally laughable. Just look at how NBC and MSNBC covered last year’s summit.

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