The liberal media were irate at President Trump for declaring a national emergency in order to address the crisis on the U.S./Mexico border, but they were looking forward to other liberal organizations challenging the move in court.

During NBC’s Sunday Today, political director Chuck Todd was confident the national emergency would be struck down but feared what would happen if the courts somehow upheld it.

Answering a question from fill-in anchor Hallie Jackson about how he saw it playing out legally, Todd was sure the President would have a hard time convincing a court. “Well, legally I think it – it – it, frankly, is I think a huge uphill battle for the President,” he said.

Todd was also fearful of a court ruling in favor of the President: “And we can talk about the unintended consequences if it actually is allowed to be seen as constitutional. I don’t think we fully appreciate what would happen if this is allowed to be constitutional. It would forever change the way the Congress decides how money is spent and how presidents decide to spend it.”

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