It was President Trump’s first interview with NBC’s Meet the Press since taking office, and political director and moderator Chuck Todd was not going to waste his opportunity to confront the President from the left.

In contrast with his softball interviews with some of the 2020 Democratic candidates, Todd wasn’t afraid to get in the President’s face about topics like immigration. Todd demanded to know if Trump was holding migrant kids “hostage” at the border and whether or not he was “prepared to lose” in 2020.

“Let’s talk about what’s happening now. Your administration, you’re not doing the recreation, not even schooling these kids anymore. You’ve gotten rid of all that stuff,” Todd raised his voice. “It looks like these kids are being used as some sort of — is it hostage? It’s like they’re being held hostage.”

Trump reminded Todd that the kids were put in a terrible situation because human traffickers were exploiting them for asylum claims. “But now they’re politically being used,” Todd asserted. “But why let the political debate hurt these children? They could be impacted for years!”

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