An Indianapolis church has placed statues of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus inside a fence to protest President Trump’s immigration policy.

Christ Church Cathedral detained the Holy Family on its lawn as part of its “Every Family is Holy” campaign, meant to condemn Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy.

“They were a homeless family with nowhere to stay,” Steve Carlson, the church’s dean said on Tuesday. “I think our faith tells us where we need to be. The fact that it’s controversial isn’t because I want to be controversial.”

“What’s controversial is that we’re turning away from the values that should be guiding us. The point of a religious icon is to move our hearts. If at first, people are upset by it, that might just be God trying to move their hearts. I hope their hearts soften.”

But where are the soft hearts for families victimized by illegal immigrants, or by the drugs brought into the US?

Interestingly, the Bible frequently mentions the moral goodness of protecting a nation’s borders.

“Violence shall no more be heard in your land,
devastation or destruction within your borders;
you shall call your walls Salvation,
and your gates Praise.” – Isaiah 60:18

Likewise, it also laments the shame of a city without walls.

“A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.” – Proverbs 25:28

Trump lambasted Democrats’ demonization of ICE and law enforcement on Tuesday, and once again vowed to secure the borders to curb the inflow of drugs and illegal alien criminals coming into the U.S.

“How can the Democrats, who are weak on the Border and weak on Crime, do well in November. The people of our Country want and demand Safety and Security, while the Democrats are more interested in ripping apart and demeaning (and not properly funding) our great Law Enforcement!” he tweeted.


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