Kurt Nimmo
January 21, 2010

Noah Shachtman, writing for Wired, reports that a CIA contractor is flying a UAV over earthquake-stricken Haiti.

The corporation in question is Oregon-based Evergreen International Aviation, a favorite of the Pentagon and so-called defense contractors. You may remember Evergreen. The mercenary firm offered to turn voting places into scenes out of a banana republic back in 2008. Evergreen president Tom Wiggins said in an email sent to local election supervisors in Oregon at the time that he would provide goons to deal with “troublemakers.” Fortunately, Wiggins offer was turned down.

Shachtman writes for Wired’s Danger Room:

Now, company vice president Sam White tells Aviation Week that the firm is flying at least one ScanEagle surveillance drone over Haiti. ”The company has a fleet of 747s and a fleet of large and small choppers, and has begun ferrying in supplies to Port au Prince,” the magazine’s Paul McLeary notes. “White wouldn’t say who the company is moving cargo for, saying only that ‘we’re working with different agencies, and we have one plane coming in tomorrow full of humanitarian supplies.’”

Brian Whiteside, executive vice president of Evergreen Unmanned Systems, denied that his company is flying drones for the earthquake recovery operation, according to Shachtman.

More and more, it appears the relief effort in Haiti is a Pentagon and CIA operation. As history teaches, both the Pentagon and the CIA are anything but humanitarian organizations.

They are in the business of killing people and wrecking things, not saving victims of natural disasters — if indeed the earthquake in Haiti was natural.

Read Shachtman’s report here.

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