It is a documented fact the CIA created the Afghan mujahideen that became al-Qaeda, which morphed into the Islamic State (a spin-off designed by the Pentagon in Iraq to discredit and compromise the resistance to US occupation).

How to counter and control this reality? Roll out a good looking woman who claims to be a former clandestine operative. Portray her as a whistleblower. Let her argue in favor of compromise with radical Islam, or at least negotiation. This allows the CIA and its “Mighty Wurlitzer” of propaganda to control or at least influence the narrative.

It is important to note where this “interview” aired: Al Jazeera, the network funded by the House of Thani, the ruling family of Qatar and one of the main pillars of Salafi Islam, in other words, Wahhabism, the driving force behind both al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.

Amaryllis Fox, the woman featured in the video, may indeed be a former CIA clandestine service officer as she claims. She may also be an actor.

Her Twitter account provides clues: she supports globalism (doing away with borders, i.e., national sovereignty) and embraces “gun control.” She also accuses Bashar al-Assad of war crimes and in general embraces liberal leftism.

As Infowars has documented, establishment leftists, their organizations and ideology were long ago penetrated, compromised and taken over by the national security state. It now functions as a political control mechanism.

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