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July 19, 2012

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is turning more and more to the CIA for making his government’s critical decisions as the foundation of his regime crumbles, a political analyst says.

In an article published on Tuesday, independent journalist Thomas C. Mountain said that the isolation surrounding Meles Zenawi grows almost by the day as he faces “more insurgencies, an ongoing economic crisis and calls for regime change from the religious community”.

“Hated in his ethnic homeland of Tigray, once his power base, and hated by the Amhara elite, the ethnic minority who previously ruled Ethiopia, Meles has ceded de facto control of his ministries to technocrats from the CIA and US State Department,” Mountain said.

Mountain argued that the US is desperate to keep Zenawi in power as it does not have a backup plan for Ethiopia or anyone they can trust to replace him.

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