An Osama bin Laden prototype doll is being sold by auction, years after the CIA intended to distribute such dolls across Afghanistan in order to scare children into rejecting al-Qaeda as part of project “Devil Eyes.”

The custom-made, 12-inch Osama bin laden action figure was created around 2005 to scare children and parents away from embracing the demon-like characterization of the actual al-Qaeda leader. The face of the doll contains a heat-dissolving material that was designed to peel off and reveal a red-faced bin Laden with black face paint and piercing green eyes.

The “devil” doll comes with two removable heads and a removable robe and turban. The red-faced, green-eyed head is in addition to the normal, bearded bin Laden appearance.

The CIA-backed project was code-named “Devil Eyes,” and former Hasbro executive and creator of the G.I. Joe toys, Donald Levine, was approached by the U.S. spy agency to design the doll with manufacturers in China.

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