A shocking Cincinnati Craigslist post is calling on black Americans to execute police in the wake of recent high-profile shootings.
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Posted to the local news section of the Cincinnati Craigslist site, the call to arms contains graphic instructions for those wishing to “target the police.”

“The Black Community should stick together and start targeting the police,” the post says, stating that “for years cops have used their badges and guns to unjustly kill way to many black People.”

The post goes on to include several ways in which law enforcement should be attacked, also listing police stations as legitimate targets.

“Yes they should rise up and burn the police stations to the ground,” the post continues. “Let the damn cops worry about if someone is going to put a bullet in their head.”

Readers are told to “aim for the head” and to let “God sort out the bodies” as well.

“Rise up and aim for their head – dont shoot at the chest because they have bullet proof vests on,” the post reads. “Aim carefully and go for the head – kill the fuckers and let God sort out the bodies.”

The post follows the death of 43-year-old Samuel Dubose, who was shot and killed by Cincinnati campus police officer Ray Tensing on July 19. Tensing was charged with murder after a grand jury investigation only hours before the Craiglist post.

Stay tuned to Infowars.com as reporter Joe Biggs (@Rambobiggs) brings updates on the Samuel Dubose case from on the ground in Cincinnati.

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