Jake Tapper
ABC News
October 6, 2009

[efoods]She’s back and this time, she’s here to stay. Cindy Sheehan says she is moving to Washington. The anti-war activist was outside the White House for the second day in a row, with a bullhorn and a handful of protestors, shouting against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Guantanamo and calling for “health care not warfare.”

Sheehan became a prominent voice against the Iraq war after her son Special Casey Sheehan was killed in Iraq 2004, and spent years hounding George W. Bush. Now, she’s turned her attention to President Barack Obama, recently following him on his family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, and now planning to move to D.C. sometime this winter. Sheehan says she sees no difference between the foreign policy of the last president and this one.

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