The success of a 90-day pilot program is giving Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell confidence to outfit all 600 police officers in uniform with a body camera.

“First it increases our transparency and it increases our professionalism. Complaints on officers go down somewhere between 65 and 80 percent,” said Chief Blackwell during a city council meeting on Monday.

The past seven months Blackwell says Cincinnati PD has been doing its homework on body cameras. In the first academic study of body cameras worn by police officers in Rialto, California, use of force incidents declined by 59 percent and citizen complaints reduced by 87.5 percent.

It will cost the city between $500,000 to $1.8 million to implement a body camera program for the department. Chief Blackwell hopes to get half of the cost covered by the federal government. He is traveling to Washington D.C. this week to make the request.

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