April 23, 2012

Reporter: Melissa Melton

The ambiguous Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act aka CISPA is just the newest SOPA successor and big government attempt to regulate our freedom and reduce our privacy on the Internet under the guise of homeland defense and cybersecurity.

This is a completely unscripted rant (there were obviously many more points I could’ve made but I just flipped on the camera and started talking) and is minus bells and whistles…really just a chance to start a conversation about why we need to take a stand against this latest tyrannical injustice masquerading as government protection. The bottom line here is that our bills should not be written so broadly as to be interpreted a multitude of ways because if it can be, it WILL be.

Find out how to write to your representatives and tell them to vote against CISPA here:

You can also sign a petition against CISPA here:

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