June 18, 2008

Talk about misunderstanding a concept. In the videos here, the citizens of Denver cheer on GWOT helicopters as they buzz skyscrapers, apparently clueless about what this means. It means the Department of Defense is free to “surprise and inconvenience” Denver residents, as the Denver Post reported. “For those people kept awake by the flights that end at 11 p.m., [U.S. Special Operations Command spokesman Lt. Steve Ruh] says it’s a small inconvenience to pay for freedom,” according to KKTV. Of course, the Pentagon will define “freedom” and inconvenience and the people of Denver have nothing to say about it.

“These low-flying helicopters have been buzzing over Denver for at least a couple of hours now. Since some of their passes seem to barely miss the roof of my 14-story building, I really hope they’re watching out for the two 50+ story skyscrapers that are within 1-4 blocks of here,” writes a YouTube blogger. “Is this some sort of security preparation for the upcoming Democratic National Convention? A secret government conspiracy to test how citizens react to hour after hour of 100-decibel noise outside their homes?” More likely, it is an “exercise” to get people accustomed to MH-6 “Little Birds” flying around at dusk without running lights. After all, white al-Qaeda is on the loose.

In a related news, a “woman in Denver claims the military helicopters flying over the city this week as part of a training exercise caused damage in her backyard,” reports Denver CBS 4.

“It’s creepy, they didn’t have to get right next to our house and do that,” said Michelle Simpson.

“The window was open and then it broke. Now you can put anything through there,” added Simpson.

Sand bags that used to keep a gate closed couldn’t do anything against the helicopter’s power.

Even recyclables in a big purple garbage pail were spread all over her backyard.

Lt. Steve Ruh from the U.S. Department of Defense says that helicopters fly 1,000 feet above ground level, according to federal aviation rules.

Simpson said her home is next to an old hospital where the helicopters were landing as part of the exercise.

Ruh never mentioned why the military failed to notify the public about the urban war training before the helicopters started to fly Monday night.

Simpson said she wished she would’ve had a heads up.

Heads up? Obviously, this lady is unaware of white al-Qaeda lurking around in her yard. Broken windows, scattered yard work, frightened babies — it’s all a small price to pay for freedom as defined by the neocons in the Pentagon.

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