Knox Harrington
Battle for Justice
December 8, 2011

MISSOULA, MT – In a move that would have made Joseph Stalin jealous, the City Council of Missoula, Montana on Monday approved the use of local tax dollars to an organization out of state known as ICLEI (International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives).

The ICLEI board can be found directly under the treasonous United Nations Agenda 21. The council room was almost in uproar as over 50 voices that opposed the funding of dues to the UnConstitutional initiative fell on deaf progressive “public servants'” ears.

“I am concerned that (the) Missoula City Council may be moving in a direction that could ultimately affect my property rights, which are guaranteed to me by both the Montana Constitution and the Constitution of the United States,” Trish Auras said during the council’s Monday night meeting. “Before you agree to paying dues to ICLEI, I would like somebody on the council to assure me that my property rights will not be affected in any way. Can you do that? Anybody?”

“(But) our forests are being killed by beetle kill related to climate change. Our rivers are heating up. Our glaciers are melting,” Robin Saha, said. Saha’s opinion can’t be taken seriously though. Scientific evidence overwhelmingly points to the mismanagement of Federal lands over the theory of man-made climate change. When you compare the beetle kill in State lands that are managed by timber industry in Montana to Federal lands that are not managed, more trees are falling victim to nature in Federal jurisdiction rather than State territory.

Regardless of the majority of people’s testimony against the ICLEI proposal, the sum of $1,200 will be taken directly out of the business and other tax funds and put in the hands of bureacrats. Money will go to “paying dues” to stop man-made Climate Change. Expect more city zoning, less property rights, and the gradual implementation of smart grid technology that can give a bureacrat the power to spy on how much energy you use in your house, and even turn off your power grid altogether.

The science is in on climate change, and humans are the biggest contributor; at least that is the mindset of most of the Mayor John Engen, council member John Wiener, and many other globalist public servants that sit on the city council board. Disasters that were once thought to be natural are now being labeled as directly caused by man and the greenhouse gases that his consumption produces.

This treasonous move is in direct violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights, as City Council has enforced the religious theory of anthropogenic climate change. It also slaps Article 1 Section 1 of the US Constitution to the ground.

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