The City of Austin, Texas is currently leasing a building to abortion-provider Planned Parenthood for only one dollar per year, former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson said on the Alex Jones Show Tuesday.

“We found out recently that the City of Austin was leasing a building to Planned Parenthood, an over 7,000 square foot facility, for one dollar a year for a 20-year lease,” said Johnson.

Finding the information in the minutes of a City of Austin City Council meeting from 2010, Johnson says she was shocked to see such preferential treatment for Planned Parenthood and not other services in the area.

“That made me want to go OK, well, I want to open up a pro-life center and go to the city and say, ‘Hey, look, I want that same deal that you gave Planned Parenthood,'” Johnson said. “They would never consider doing that for us, for a pro-life group, whose actually wanting to save babies.”

“If you want to kill them, if you want to harvest their parts, then the city will give you all the money that you want.”

Johnson’s comments follow several weeks of controversy for Planned Parenthood as undercover sting videos expose the company’s involvement in the harvest and sale of body parts from aborted babies.

In response to the latest sting, which shows incredibly graphic footage of doctors harvesting fetal organs, Planned Parenthood is demanding media groups in several states not show the video, arguing that it was garnered “under false pretenses.”

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