Patrick Henningsen
October 22, 2011

The Lord Mayor of London finally broke his silence on the Occupy London demonstrations going on around the corner from his residence, the famous Mansion House located in the center of London’s financial district.

Today’s report in the London Guardian has Lord Mayor Michael Bear claiming he is “a supporter of the democratic process”, but added, “In a market economy, which is what we are, you need to have banks. The economy is an engine that needs oil, and the oil is finance, well-regulated finance.”

“But it has to be connected to the real economy – I think people don’t understand the connection and we haven’t explained it very well.”

Indeed, and here’s what the Lord Mayor is trying to explain to all those Occupy protesters: 

The Philistine nature of these comments by one of the City’s top Masonic leaders is very revealing, as it not only demonstrates the feudal gap that exists between London’s Square Mile and the worker classes, but also reinforces the mainstream narrative that the world’s super financial class is hoping to keep in place after the global Occupy movement finally dies down.

For the tens of millions of people on the planet who have gradually become wise to the ways of global monetary monopoly, Lord Mayor’s comments will ring very untrue.  Over in America, successful politicians like US Congressman Ron Paul from Texas have dedicated decades of their career to educating willing learners how the global money system actually works, and all explaining the vast difference between a fixed market economy referred to by Bear, and a free market economy, which society has not yet managed get near to.

In truth, we are still ruled by a handful of cartels who work together and make decisions that affect our live from their shadowy institutions.

American author G. Edward Griffin has also managed to build comprehensive compendium in his best selling book The Creature from Jekkyl IslandOnce read, it’s possible millions of common serfs like you and me would never be able to claim the ignorance of how the City of London’s financial cartel is structured and how they are able to maintain their grip on global financial monopoly. It’s that ignorance which London’s Lord Mayor and the banking elite are we claiming commoners have, and it’s that ignorance which they depend on the maintain control over our nation’s money supply.

Most Americans, or Britons for that matter, are probably not familiar where the shadowy City of London Corporation– known commonly as The City, actually sits within geopolitical and economic world power structure. Now we will show you how it works, who are its hereditary players, and how it holds its power- all of which are relatively unknown to outsiders.

The City is one of the planet’s key remaining ‘city-states’, and one which sits independently within its host nation Great Britain ,where it is able to conduct its independent financial business and maintain its center of power.

A city-state is an autonomous entity whose territory is not administered as a part of the surrounding local government. Other similar influential city states include Washington DC, Vatican City, Monaco, Singapore, Gibraltar, along with Hong Kong and Macao (to a lesser degree following Chinese annexation of Hong Kong). The City of London’s own royal charter dates from as far back as 1067, when  William the Conqueror granted certain citizens in London recognition confirming the rights and privileges.

Asked whether the Occupy movement ‘had a point’, Lord Mayor Bear replied, “On one level, yes. I think we have probably failed to communicate what The City actually does. The City isn’t only about banks, we have 16,000 small and medium sized businesses; the City deals with maritime, insurance and professional services such as accountancy; so you see it’s not just a collection of very large, amorphous banks.”

They did not ‘fail to communicate’ what the City does, rather, they never have communicated it, for if the common man knew what merchant banks and the like actually did, they probably would have been shut down a hundred years ago.

On a financial level, The City houses the Bank of England- the father institution of the US Federal Reserve Bank, as well as many more of world’s top private investment houses and merchant banks. They are the modern day money changers.

The Lord Mayor is chosen annually by all Liverymen of the City’s Livery Company guilds. Historically, the City’s Livery companies represented the interests of each industry cartel, a full list of which can be read here. The liveries wielded tremendous power in London for centuries, where no one could practice a trade, set up shop, take apprentices, or even vote unless they were accepted into a livery company – and only citizens could be admitted.

The Lord Mayor is separate from “Mayor of London” Boris Johnson who only governs outside the walls of The City. Rather than any elected city council, he presides over his Court of Aldermen and the Court of Common Council, and represents the interests of hundreds of hereditary feudal lords, their middle managers and financial elite. For centuries, these are the men- not the Royal family, who have run England’s trade and commerce, and its empire. Even the Queen of England herself must ask permission before she steps foot in The City.

The Lord Mayor also hosts visiting heads of state, foreign ministers, businessmen, dignitaries and conducts several foreign visits of his own in order to promote the British financial sector. He is the figurehead of a one party mini-state, with its own police force, whose members have access to vast amounts of back-door capital and quietly known among members for the world’s best tax avoidance schemes. “Follow the money”, as the old saying goes, and more often than not, all of the world’s money will trace back to The CityWriter Sam Alexandroni explains what really lurks behind the facade of the Square Mile:

“We may associate the word corruption with Russian oligarchs and African republics run by venal government officials, yet according to the watchdog, Transparency International, the world capital of dirty money is not Moscow or Mogadishu. It is London.”

No other city-state or financial center on the planet plays a bigger role in supply-side corruption than does London. “The City of London has become the number-one home for the fruits of corruption,” says Laurence Cockcroft, director of watchdog organization Transparency International UK.

Freemasonry, of course, played- and still plays an especially dominant and influential role behind the walls of The City. The first wave of influence came with the Operative Masons, who controlled most industry guilds and crafts in the early British Empire. Following the Great Fire of 1666, esoteric Masons saw an opportunity to erect a new center of power, a New Jerusalem, with London’s Square Mile in order to project power globally. Along with architect Christopher Wren, Masons came together and laid down a master plan that is still visible in The City today. Writer David Hampling explains:

To the builders of the new London, the City was to be the New Jerusalem. Rome was in the hands of Catholics, so London must succeed it as the capital of the true faith. This was reinforced by a popular theory that the English were the descendants of the Lost Tribe of Israel. Londoner William Blake – who had a tendency to employ Masonic imagery – was merely echoing this idea when he wrote of Jerusalem being “builded here” decades later. This belief was a help to those who believed that Britain should be a global empire, a true successor to Rome, with a temporal and religious capital to match it.

In today’s practical terms, the notion being an elite and above the herds, very much emanates from The City, and even today, men like the Lord Mayor play a role in protecting the financial houses from government regulation and interference, because the hereditary oligarchy believe that common men have no business inside their elite realm unless they are there to serve the interests of the elite. In this way, The City keeps things in their proper order, and has done for centuries.

In his own ultra-elite, privileged way, Lord Mayor of London has given a challenged to the  OWS and the global Occupy Movement who need to get more wise to ways of the global financial system, and should quickly figure out how money is created, how bubbles are created, how inflation is created, and how to liberate themselves form the debt servitude that keeps the men in The City in their places of power.

And they better learn quick.




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