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January 19, 2012

Demonstrators reacted with dismay and some of those in court indicated they would disobey the order, while others said it would be a decision “each individual has to take”. A spokesman for the movement insisted in the weeks prior to the ruling that there would be “no Dale Farm-style resistance” to an eviction but a meeting was being held last night to discuss the movement’s response.

Luke Wilkins, a 33-year-old Occupy protester from Reading, said: “I will base my decision on whether I think we have had a fair hearing. It is a decision I will make in peace and quiet when the time comes. It is entirely up to the individual, it is their choice alone.”

Tammy Samede, a protester who appeared in court on behalf of the movement, said it would continue to “peacefully protest”, adding: “This is not the end. Onwards and upwards.”

The protesters’ lawyer, John Cooper, said: “This is an important judgment. It marks the start of a legal analysis as to the extent of protest in this country. What Occupy has done is push the boundaries of public law on protest.”

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