Political and racial tensions in post-apartheid South Africa have become so great that the minority white population is now at risk of being murdered on a mass scale, says civil defense expert Simon Roche.

Roche heads the HQ of Suidlanders, the world’s largest non-state civil defense organization located in South Africa, which represents and seeks to protect the country’s minority Christian white population in the event of an ethnic civil war.

Roche told Infowars that leftist South African leaders have in recent months threatened “the slaughter of all whites, and the removal of all whites within five years,” prompting Suidlanders to prepare for a surprise civil war event which they now believe is imminent.

“Then we would, in such an open civil war, in such a crisis, gather our people together and seek sanctuary in a remote location and then to remove ourselves from being wiped out or slaughtered,” Roche said.

Dr. Greg Stanton, founder of human rights group Genocide Watch who accurately predicted the Rwandan genocide in 1994, warned that the increased killings of white farmers in South Africa are being carried out for the sole purpose of extermination and seem to be directed by government elements, Roche noted.

“In other words, our [South African] government is at least tacitly complicit in these astronomical crime rates,” he said. “State-sponsored genocide, one arm’s length removed.”

“And he [Stanton] explained how he believed it was a low-intensity conflict to erode the periphery of the white population as a preparation for something bigger.”

Following anti-white rhetoric made by South African president Jacob Zuma last March, where he called for confiscating white-owned land and breaking up white-owned businesses, Roche said that it’s time for white South Africans to prepare themselves for civil war.

“It’s not about taking up arms, it’s about retiring from the threat,” Roche said. “There’s this intractable tension that seems to be building in our country, where the two parties can never be reconciled, and the stronger party is openly declaring that it will remove the weaker party within five years, slaughter them all, take all of their lands.”

Suidlanders has a large-scale evacuation protocol in place in case an ethnic civil war happens, designed to remove roughly 20% of the estimated 4.8 million white South Africans safely from the embattled region.

“We’re hoping to save about 800,000, perhaps a million, which is our goal,” Roche said, adding that small isolated groups must link with other nearby groups for safety to then move toward safe havens. “Our evacuation protocol is based largely on the individual taking care of themselves.”

The high murder rate of white farmers in recent months has garnered attention abroad after a British-South African family was brutally murdered earlier this year, highlighting the looming ethnic divisions still plaguing South Africa.

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