A delivery driver for the Domino’s Pizza chain has allegedly been threatened with termination for having Infowars bumper stickers on his personal vehicle, according to a message posted on Facebook.

After freelance writer Jon Hendren tweeted a photo of Domino’s driver Jim Jamison’s personal vehicle to his 74.2 thousand followers, Domino’s corporate higher-ups took notice and reportedly had Jamison’s franchise threaten to fire him if he didn’t remove the stickers.

Hendren’s photo, snapped in the parking lot of a Domino’s, shows the back of Jamison’s vehicle, on which numerous Infowars stickers have been plastered, containing messages such as, “9/11 was an inside job,” “End the Fed,” “Fluoride: There is poison in the tap water,” and “Save the U.S. Constitution.”

In a Facebook message to Infowars, Jamison said his managers were now putting pressure on him to remove the stickers.

If the company did in fact move to restrict its employees’ freedom of expression, it would be in direct contradiction to statements made on its corporate website, explicitly indicating Domino’s drivers are encouraged to “be themselves.”

“Domino’s Pizza loves Domino’s people. In other words we want you to be yourself, and as a Domino’s Driver that’s exactly what you can be,” the company states on one of its corporate sites.

The company’s online hiring portal, Dominosbiz.com also claims that “Team members are treated fairly,” and that “Team members respect each other and are free from harassment, discrimination and intolerance.”

A request for comment from a Domino’s franchise supervisor in the San Jose, Cali., area was not immediately responded to at time of publication. Should they ring us back, we will update this article.

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