James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence under President Barack Obama, admitted during an appearance on CNN last night that it’s possible President Trump’s conversations could have been wiretapped.

The admission is yet another indication that Trump was right when he tweeted that Obama had wiretapped his conversations, despite widespread ridicule towards the claim at the time.

During a March 2017 appearance on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, Clapper asserted that, “There was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president elect at the time, or as a candidate, or against his campaign.”

This was proven to be false by the revelation that Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort had been wiretapped both before and after the election.

Clapper said he stood by the claim he made on NBC during his CNN appearance last night, but appeared to be anxious and refused to re-iterate it.

Don Lemon then asked Clapper, “Is it possible the President was picked up in a conversation with Paul Manafort?”

“It’s certainly conceivable,” said Clapper.

“Is it likely?” asked Lemon.

“Uh, I can’t say. I – uh – wouldn’t wanna go there, but I will say, it’s possible,” responded Clapper.

Clapper has been accused of lying on numerous occasions, even to the point of perjury when he denied that the NSA was collecting “any type of data at all” on millions of Americans in front of a congressional hearing in 2013.

As we reported on Monday, CNN was forced to acknowledge that President Trump may have been right when he accused Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower.

“What is possible, Don, is that [Trump] was picked up on the Manafort surveillance and we should note that Manafort does have a residence in Trump Tower,” said CNN reporter Pamela Brown.


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