Christopher Manion
December 5, 2012

Yesterday I described the toxic formula that the GOP establishment intends to use to commit suicide. The reaction confirms my suspicion that a lot of LRC readers would stand up and cheer at that prospect.

Nonetheless, an interesting wrinkle has emerged. Running out onto the bridge from Bedford Falls comes Clarence “Craig” Shirley, trying to save the party from itself.

Unfortunately, the RNC won’t appreciate his efforts, because Craig is suggesting they go Cold Turkey and expel the corruptos. He is suggesting a thoroughgoing independent investigation and audit of the Hot Tubbers who treat the GOP and the RNC like their private cash cow — all in the sunshine, with every finding made public.

Craig knows his stuff: he’s written several brilliant contemporary histories based on real shoe leather research, and he’s working on a couple more. He’s suggesting “federalism” at the RNC — starving the DC beast and letting state and local parties do their own thing. But DC GOP insiders won’t lift a finger to help him, we can count on that.

Bottom line: the only way to empty the Hot Tub is from the “outside.” Either the Beltway Hot Tubbers go, and the party is saved — or they continue their pleasant plundering and proceed to kill the party — and the country.

As C.S. Lewis observed, in Narnia, the dwarfs are for the dwarfs.