The conflagration over the Ferguson shooting involving a white police office who gunned down a black teenager began to cool down over the Thanksgiving holiday but American cops continued to add to their trigger-happy reputation with yet another controversial kill: a black kid was shot dead last Saturday in Cleveland by police who responded to a 911 call from a bystander who thought he saw the boy waving a gun around in a park.

It turned out to be a toy gun. The boy, Tamir Rice, was 12 years old. The boy was shot dead within two seconds of the police patrol car arriving on the scene.

In a 911 call and a video released by the police at the request of the boy’s family, the caller — whose identity was not released — phones in to say that “a guy” in a park, “probably a juvenile”, is pointing a pistol at people and scaring them. The caller twice says that the gun is “probably fake”, but the kid is pointing it at passers-by and “scaring the shit” out of them.

Video footage shows the boy waving a gun, which looks very real, at someone walking past him in the park. The orange tip on the gun that it is meant to indicate it is not a real firearm has been removed. But the person the weapon is pointed at doesn’t appear to panic or run, suggesting he or she recognized the gun was a fake.

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