Was Rachel Maddow’s mega hyped nothing burger actually leaked by the person she thought she was exposing?

After a nearly 20-minute rambling monologue about Donald Trump’s income and taxes, Maddow held up two pages of what she claimed was Trump’s federal tax return from 2005.

As she held the pages up to the camera, “Client Copy” was clearly visible, suggesting the copies came not from within the IRS, but from the taxpayer himself.

Here are the two pages the network showed:

Here’s a closer look of what MSNBC aired on screen:

Who else would have access to a “client copy” of Trump’s tax returns, except Donald Trump?

David Cay Johnston, who claimed he received the two pages in the mail, speculated during an appearance on Maddow’s program that Trump very well may have mailed them himself.

Did the Trump-obsessed media get punked again?

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