The 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg set sail from Plymouth England in a $4.8 million racing yacht to attend a U.N. climate conference in New York.

The latest move by Miss Thunberg has been touted by some as a sign of the teenager’s all-out commitment to the environment, while others have dissed the affair as a silly publicity stunt and elitist virtue-signaling.

The young eco-warrior set sail with great fanfare for her two-week voyage Wednesday afternoon aboard the 60-foot “carbon neutral” racing yacht Malizia II, which has been furnished with solar panels and underwater electricity turbines to ensure that it leaves no carbon footprint.

Thunberg became an environmental superstar in 2018 when she started skipping school every Friday to demonstrate outside the Swedish parliament, and this year she will not be attending school at all in order to devote herself full-time to climate change activism.

Her apocalyptic strain of environmentalism has led her to make statements like “we probably don’t even have a future anymore” while she has wished that the indifferent could “feel the fear I feel every day.”

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