Global warming advocates are now blaming luxury condominiums for “man-made climate change,” despite the record-breaking snow which recently pounded the northern U.S.

The “Climate Words For All” coalition released a report claiming that luxury apartment buildings are the largest “climate change offenders” in New York City.

“These are New York City’s largest buildings, over 50,000 square feet in size, which primarily consist of a mixture of luxury apartments, commercial buildings, and multi-family housing developments,” the report stated. “The significant impact of these large buildings on our carbon footprint must be addressed immediately, and at sufficient scale to meet New York City’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The report was released just as New York was getting blasted by heavy snowstorms.

“Ground zero for the snow looks to be in and around the Tug Hill towns of Montague and Redfield, where 12 to 15 inches of snow could fall,” Glenn Coin of reported.

Chicago, Ill., also experienced its largest November snowfall in 120 years.

“The steady stream of snow began Friday evening and carried into Saturday, bringing cold winds and slushy puddles to Michigan Avenue,” the Chicago Tribune reported. “But it also fashioned a wintry backdrop to the annual Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, transporting Chicagoans into a life-sized holiday snow globe.”

Global warming advocates, however, will attempt to blame this record snow on “man-made climate change,” even though a few years ago they were predicting that the Earth’s ice caps would have dramatically melted by now.

And it’s also likely the political elite will claim more people need to start living in “coffin apartments,” small residential spaces that are less than 400 square feet, to help fight “climate change.”

But the real reason why they want you to live in tiny apartments is because the more people they can cram into a neighborhood, the more taxes they’ll gain, plus it’ll make the public more dependent on city transportation heavily subsidized by taxpayers.

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